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Imagine if you could take timesheets, badges, expense reports – corporate bureaucracy in general – and do away with it all.

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In large companies, Fluida functions as an interface that allows employers to manage the way employees interact with information systems.

Customer success stories

Francesca Mazzari

Luigi Dal Trozzo Company

Thanks to Fluida, we can keep up with the times and make our work more environmentally friendly by eliminating attendance-tracking badges and sending all payslips, complete with all the parameters we require, in just one click.

Simone Mancini

Rossignol Italia Group

With Fluida, we went from handling heaps of spreadsheets to using an intuitive and efficient tool with which we are able to effortlessly manage over 50 employees, despite all the complexities of our business.

Stefano Perrucci

Perrucci Studio

By using Fluida, we are able to verify data, correct anomalies with our clients, easily connect to our payroll processing software, and take our consulting services to the next level.

Nicolò Santoro

Il Gabbiano 2.0

With Fluida, communication has become constant and effortless: we can now certify work sessions that take place at our clients' locations, we have been able to accelerate shift planning, and are now working towards optimizing scheduling and attendance tracking.

Ercole Botto Poala

Reda 1865

We chose Fluida to become more practical and efficient and it has worked. In addition to the benefits of digital attendance tracking, we can now rely on a single tool that provides us with a monthly overview of all the activities that take place within the company by integrating work hours, leave requests, shift changes and everything in between.

Alessandro Negri

Alessandro Negri

CIO – 5stelle* native cloud PMS

From cloud to cloud – bye bye old badges! Fluida has been a real leap forward in the relationship between 5stelle* and its employees.

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