Workforce management

Simplify the relationship
between firm and workers.


Main features

Fluida is the mobile by design HR platform created to simplify the worker-company relationship by offering the best employee experience.

A simple and innovative tool for the management of staff and independent contractors.

Absence management

Organize vacation days and time off or sick leave requests

Attendance & timesheet

Remotely detect office attendance and track the activities carried out.

Expense tracking

Track the expenses and the mileage reimbursements quickly and send approval to the managers

4 technologies to satisfy every need for presence tracking

With smart digital timestamps your employees will be able to communicate their presences on site or remotely and everything will always be monitored in real time.
The solution uses different technologies to verify timestamps.


Who’s in and who’s out?

With Fluida you can easily request, authorize and organize vacations, time off, sick leave, and overtime hours.

View your personal or team calendar in daily and weekly formats, filter according to work group or by office, receive regular notifications to help your scheduling.

Getting your 15 day free trial

Team management.
In your pocket.

Physical badge is no longer suited to a rapidly changing work environment where people are increasingly working mobile.

Remote working, co-working, remote teams; the cases in which it is not possible to use hardware solutions to supervise the workforce are growing.

Working groups are increasingly composed of internal staff and independent contractors (freelancers, consultants, agents).

Is your workforce flexible and remote? Manage it from a single platform.

Simple and useful.

One of Fluida’s main advantages is that it’s easy to use.
Management software designed for mobile and desktop devices.



Seamlessly compliant with the latest privacy regulations.


100% Cloud

Always accessible and updated. From any device.


Blockchain certified

Data cannot be manipulated thanks to Blockchain technology


Artificial intelligence

Predictive analysis thanks to artificial intelligence.

The right tool for companies looking to the future.

Restaurants & Hotels
Service companies
Public administrations
Freelance & professionals
Remote working
Smart working
Gig economy
Distributed teams

Other features

Complicated software solutions or simplified processes?
Discover Fluida’s features to manage your team.

Company directory

Use the Address Book to find contacts and other information about colleagues and independent contractors.

Offices and team

Manage subdivisions at offices and departments and business teams in an intuitive way.

Remote working

Remotely monitor attendance and activities. Ideal for smart working and remote teams.


Export data to the main payroll processing software integrated with external software using the Fluida API.

Report & analytics

View detailed, customizable reports that help you make data-driven decisions.


Users can view the application interface in Italian, English or Spanish.