Simplifying the relationship between employees and companies.

Imagine if you could take timesheets, badges, expense reports – corporate bureaucracy in general – and do away with it all.

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Create your Employee Experience.

In large companies, Fluida operates as an interface for managing interactions between employees and company information systems.


Giovanni Frassi

Giovanni Frassi

CEO / FOUNDER - ovosodo srl

Fluida is perfect for managing a dynamic approach to schedules and workplaces, streamlining communications with HR. Fluida fits with our image and identity.

Mattia Gazzola

Mattia Gazzola

Facility Manager | Cariplo Factory srl

A valuable aid for staff management that has improved our timesheet and leave management thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use system.

Alessandro Negri

Alessandro Negri

CIO – 5stelle* native cloud PMS

From cloud to cloud – bye bye old badges! Fluida has been a real leap forward in the relationship between 5stelle* and its employees.

Maria Stella Gariboldi

Maria Stella Gariboldi

HR Business Partner | Brumbrum

Our presence management became fast and less cumbersome thanks to Fluida. The system is effective and user-friendly, it definitely enhanced the experience of the people who work inside the company.

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