Healthcare services and assistance

Fluida makes managing personnel in the healthcare industry is easier than ever.

Why should you use Fluida?

Companies providing essential healthcare services and assistance divert significant resources to personnel management. This is because they are required to ensure continuity of service and cover a variety of tasks. All planning must be carefully coordinated. This includes: shift scheduling, vacation planning, and managing leave requests. A digital solution can simplify management, saving time and avoiding errors.

Planning shifts and assigning workplaces

Whether you’re using computers, tablets or smartphones, you can always access a clear overview of the shifts scheduled for the day and make modifications in just a few clicks. Employees will always be able to check their scheduled work hours and work location for any calendar day right from their smartphones. They can also request shift changes through the app. Say goodbye to complicated Excel sheets and management tools, try a 100% digital solution.

Presence management

Healthcare facilities are often large workplaces divided into different locations and pavilions. A single company may operate across multiple facilities. With the Smart timestamping feature, you can simultaneously capture real-time employee attendance information from multiple locations. Depending on your needs, this can be achieved through a combination of various technologies such as smartphone GPS and Bluetooth, or traditional NFC badges. It's an ideal solution for hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies, home care services, nursing homes, and multi-service facilities.

Access important documents wherever you are

Fluida simplifies the process of sending documents to employees, thereby facilitating the work of administrative personnel in public and private healthcare service companies. Workers will receive pay stubs, contracts, and other important documents directly on their smartphones, where they will be stored in dedicated folders within the Fluida app. Privacy is guaranteed, and important documents will never go missing again.

Multilingual App

Fluida is available in multiple languages including: English, French, Italian and Spanish. This functionality is particularly useful, considering the large number of foreign professionals, especially in nursing and caregiving roles, working in the healthcare sector.

Ensure personnel read important communications

Through Fluida, employers can quickly send digital messages and notifications to all employees in the entire company or to specific departments, and require them to send read confirmations. This feature is particularly useful for urgent situations and updates regarding workplace safety regulations. Employers can even schedule recurring notifications that will be sent to employees at predetermined intervals. These can serve as reminders of mandatory procedures.

Completed tasks

With this feature, you can record how much work time individual employees dedicate to specific tasks. This data can then be analyzed and filtered by workgroup, employee or client. Each activity report can include geolocation data, attached documents, images, and comments. Using the completed tasks feature allows you to estimate the number of hours required to complete a project and send reports to supervisors.

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