Construction Companies and Construction Sites

Managing the workforce of construction companies and construction sites is a breeze with Fluida.

What can Fluida do for you?

Construction companies and construction sites have precise personnel management needs. Often, the locations where employees work are different; schedules and shifts vary for each team. Therefore, there is a need for a platform that can provide an up-to-date overview of vacation plans, all types of leave requests, and work schedules. All of this needs to be accessible directly from smartphones in order to simplify communicating with the company.

Planning shifts and assigning workplaces

With the shifts planning feature, all the information you need is at your fingertips: everything is accessible from computers, tablets, and smartphones in just a few clicks. Employees, too, can check their work hours for the day and where this work is scheduled to take place. If employees want to change shifts, they can ask for permission directly through the app. The entire process occurs digitally.

Presence management

Construction companies and construction sites often have several work sites that are active simultaneously. By using Fluida's smart timestamps, you can track the attendance of employees in real-time across all locations by using various technologies such as smartphone GPS and Bluetooth, or with traditional NFC badges. This feature is a true timesaver. Companies can avoid errors and have everything under control at all times.

Access important documents wherever you are

Fluida facilitates the delivery of documents to the employees of construction companies and construction sites, and significantly reduces the time administrative staff spends on such tasks. Each employee will have access to important documents, organized in dedicated folders, right from their smartphone. All files are easily accessible, rather than being scattered across various devices or applications, but privacy is never compromised.

Multilingual App

Fluida is available in multiple languages including: English, French, Italian and Spanish. All staff members can stay

updated and easily access the platform without missing any information.

Direct and immediate communications

With Fluida, employers can send important messages and notifications to all employees - or even to individual teams - right from the app, and request read confirmations if necessary. This feature ensures that employees are always up to date on everything that is happening, especially when urgent communications or changes in workplace safety regulations are sent. Staff can also be sent recurring notifications. Such notifications can serve as reminders for procedures, like safety protocols, that must be followed.

Completed tasks

This Fluida feature allows you to record how many work hours personnel spent on specific activities, and categorize his information by project. Data analysis can then be conducted based on workgroups or locations, providing valuable insights into the profitability of each client. Additionally, you can geotag the areas where activities are carried out, attach documents, images, and add comments. All of this can be done in just a few clicks.

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