A new way of clocking in & out

With Fluida, badges are a thing of the past! Clocking in & out is easy thanks to the sensors on your smartphone.

Clock in & out via smartphone

Simple and secure.

Simply position the Fluida Beacon inside the office to set up a coverage area within which clock-in/out entries will be accepted.

And what about people who don't have a smartphone?

We've thought of everyone.

The Fluida Station is also compatible with traditional NFC badges. Best of all, even when an employee uses an NFC badge, their data, too, can be viewed in real time and on a single platform.

GPS and Geofencing

Clock-in/out areas, wherever you need them.

In areas where it is not possible to install a physical attendance monitoring device, you can validate timestamps using geolocation. Verification takes place within employees' smartphones and in full compliance with privacy regulations.


Find the right device for your company. For businesses who know they will only clock in with smartphones, the Fluida Beacon is affordable and easy to use. If you need more flexibility, the Fluida Station is an all-in-one solution that works with both smartphones and NFC badges.

Also works remotely

Missing timesheet entries begone!

When working remotely, employees can still record their attendance via smartphone. This attendance will be saved as “remote attendance” and, if desired, can be accepted only in pre-configured areas.

Export data

All the download options that you need.

Data collected by Fluida can be consulted in the app, exported to Excel, viewed in Zucchetti's Paghe Web format or accessed via API to be integrated with other corporate software.


Create your Employee Experience.

In large companies, Fluida functions as an interface that allows employers to manage the way employees interact with information systems.

Simply useful.

Streamline staff management. Start today.