Measure and analyse working time by customer and order

Fluida activity reporting is the tool for optimising internal processes and calculating the profitability of job orders. In addition to information about work done and time dedicated to customers and projects, each activity can be documented with notes, photographs and, if necessary, location.

Manage job types and activities

The Fluida Activity Reporting function allows you to create differentiated activity types associated with different teams, as well as job orders broken down by customer.

Track a session

You can select the job order and the job order type, geolocate the work location, attach documents or photographs and insert notes.

View data entered by staff

View specific data on each task entered. Exchange communications with workers and administrators to ask for details regarding the job.

Check completion of reporting

You can define the number of hours scheduled to complete a job order or project, send daily reminders to workers via email or push notifications, or send reports to managers of underperforming staff.

Analyse the data entered

View aggregated data and filter by date, activity, team, person and job order and keep track of missing summary reports.

Complete time management

Only the Fluida time clocking or attendance management system lets you report the correct amount of hours based on hours clocked in. In addition, you can provide information on working hours, track activities and display data in an integrated form.

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