Shift planning

Whether you're a manager responsible for planning your team’s entire workweek or an employee wondering when to show up for work, Fluida allows you to quickly sort everything out. Even from your smartphone.

Plan the schedule with a few taps

Thanks to Fluida's attendance planning feature, organizing the week for everyone becomes fast and easy. Select the days you want to modify from the calendar and choose the daily shift you want to assign. This can be done even for multiple people simultaneously. You can also select a period spanning several weeks and apply a new weekly schedule.

Get an overview of work shifts

Assign shifts and schedules to your staff in just a few clicks. You can also plan multiple shifts and decide which employees to assign them to, or select entire weeks at once and assign schedules. This way, you'll have a clear overview of the staff calendar that can be filtered by department or workgroup.

Choose labels for your shifts

Every company has its way of coding shifts. Choose a label for each shift, and if there are many, don't worry, a handy reading key will help everyone remember which shift is which. Additionally, various types of leave such as holidays and sick leave are easily recognisable thanks to specific colors that will allow you to understand everything at a glance.

Beyond daily shifts and weekly

In the near future, Fluida will include the option to plan vacation days (and other types of leave) for multiple users at once, as well as location changes and the quick assignment of remote workdays.

Simply useful.

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