Send and archive personnel documentation

Forget about mountains of paper on your desk and pay slips to be handed out one by one! Upload multiple documents in one go and avoid any send errors thanks to automatic recipient suggestion. Finally, store everything digitally for easy access from the app.

No more paper, go digital

Send and receive contracts, pay slips, IDs and all business documents directly in your app. Inform employees with push notifications and request confirmation that the most important ones have been read.

Documents always organised

Never lose a document again! Organise and store everything in 6 categories that can be accessed by employees and the company.

View pay slips quickly

View pay slips without having to download them. The preview function lets you see the gross and net amount of your monthly salary in an instant.

Avoid send errors and save time

Divinator™ technology allows administrators to select and upload a block of documents in one go.

If the document contains the employee’s tax number, Fluida suggests the recipient of the file. For example, you can send pay slips saving a huge amount of time and without any errors.

Simply useful.

Streamline staff management. Start today.