Logistics and Transportation Services

Managing logistics and transportation service personnel is easy with Fluida.

Why should you use Fluida?

Managing personnel within logistics and transportation companies can be challenging. Making things easier requires an HR platform that can be easily accessed from any location, including on-the-go, in order to track attendance in many different workplaces, including vehicles where drivers start their workday. You need a tool with which you can plan shifts for employees and monitor how much time is spent on specific projects and tasks. Numerous companies in the industry already use Fluida to solve these challenges and more.

Shift and location planning

Forget the confusion: with the Shift planning feature, you'll have a complete overview of your staff's shifts. These can be effortlessly edited from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Employees will be able to check their scheduled work hours and work location for any calendar day. If they want to request a shift change, they can do so right through the app, without having to visit the main workplace.

Presence management

It's common for workplaces in logistics and transportation companies to be diverse and include shipping centers, packaging facilities, and warehouses of various sizes. Thanks to Fluida's Smart timestamping this is no longer an issue. By combining various technologies such as smartphone GPS and Bluetooth with traditional NFC badges, you can track personnel attendance across different locations. All of this information is updated in real-time, saving time and preventing errors.

Access important documents wherever you are

Fluida simplifies the process of sending documents to employees, thereby facilitating the work of administrative personnel in logistics and transportation companies. Workers will receive pay stubs, contracts, and other important documents directly on their smartphones, where they will be stored in dedicated folders within the Fluida app. Privacy is guaranteed, and important documents will never go missing again.

App multilingua

Fluida is available in multiple languages including: English, French, Italian and Spanish. Each user can select their preferred language, ensuring all content on the platform is clear.

Direct and immediate communication

Through Fluida, employers can send messages and notifications to all employees in transportation and logistics companies, or just to specific teams within them. They can also require that employees send read confirmations. This ensures that employees are always up to date when it comes to things such as urgent communications or changes in workplace safety regulations. Employers can even schedule recurring notifications that will be sent to employees at predetermined intervals.

Completed tasks

Fluida simplifies task organization and time management for every employee. With this feature, you can record how much work time individual collaborators dedicate to specific projects. This data can then be analyzed and filtered by workgroup or location. This provides valuable insights into the profitability of each client. Each activity report can include geolocation data, attached documents, images, and comments.

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