Detailed data on expenses to be reimbursed

Expense reports made easy! Photograph the payment receipt and Fluida will automatically fill in the amount and date of the receipt. Submit your claims and view the summary directly from the app.

Expense reports whenever and wherever you want them

Enter your expense information easily and intuitively, from your smartphone App or any other device. You can add a photograph of the receipt for each item entered, plus all the related information.

12+ expense categories

The system provides more than 12 expense categories, each of which contains customised detailed information. Breakdown by colour allows you to distinguish between:





Export reports to PDF and Excel

The summary and total of each expense report can be viewed from the app, but can also be downloaded to your desktop in PDF or Excel formats.

Automatic filling-in from photos

When you upload an expense, the Fluida Divinator™ reads and interprets the image or PDF document and automatically fills in all the relevant data from the receipt, such as date and total amount. This is a real time saver and a way to avoid typing errors.

Simply useful.

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