Service Cooperatives

Managing personnel in service cooperatives is easy with Fluida

Why you should choose Fluida

Service cooperatives are entities that can truly benefit from Fluida. Fluida is a versatile platform that accommodates all business needs; it solves common issues in a few simple steps. Personnel management becomes easy and organized, thereby fostering an efficient and structured work environment.

Planning shifts and assigning

Perfect for managing a distributed workforce that operates across multiple locations and using different schedules. With Fluida, you can easily assign work hours and locations to workers who will receive this information and always know where to go and at what time. Replace Excel with a modern digital platform, accessible to the entire team, that displays data updated in real-time.

Attendance Tracking

With Fluida, you can track attendance inside company offices as well as on construction sites or any other location where staff is working. Thanks to Bluetooth, GPS, or traditional badges, there is a technology for every need.

This way, you can monitor the attendance of staff by having them start their shifts on-site instead of having to do so at the main cooperative office.

Documents accessible anywhere via smartphone

This feature simplifies the process of delivering documents to service cooperative personnel by storing all important files in dedicated and secure folders. All this is done in full compliance with privacy laws.

Pay slips, certificates, identification documents — everything is archived and can be accessed by the company and by employees.

Multilingual App

Fluida is available in multiple languages including: English, French, Italian and Spanish. Each user can select their preferred language.

A digital noticeboard

Through Fluida, employers and HR departments can send digital notifications and communications to all service cooperative employees, to all employees working at a specific location, or to a single department.

If the staff is mobile, this is the best way to replace the traditional physical company noticeboard, which just doesn’t cut it in today's modern work environment.

Completed tasks

With this Fluida feature, you can create differentiated activities associated with different workgroups or individuals, as well as projects categorised by client. You can also geo-tag the site where the activity took place, attach documents and photos, and add notes.

By using activity reporting you can define the number of hours required to complete a project and send a report directly to supervisors.

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