Remote work and smart working

Fluida is your ally in the simple management of "hybrid" work organisation. New tools are needed to make the most of smart working opportunities.

Work from home, clock in and out from your smartphone.

With Fluida, you can detect attendance from anywhere, both on-site and remotely.

Authorised employees will be able to clock in from outside the company: this will be saved as "Remote". In this way, Fluida regularly reports when staff start and stop work, and the monthly timesheet remains up to date and in order.

Who's working today?

Fluida lets you know in real time who's working and from which location: whoever has clocked in is

highlighted in green. This means the manager can have the information they need and will be able to

better manage the right to disconnect by avoiding contacting a colleague while they're on holiday, or

outside the scheduled working hours.

Manage capacity limits on-site

In Fluida, you can set a maximum capacity for each location and constantly check that an appropriate number of people are present. This feature is ideal for managing on-site rotation in smart working companies and complying with COVID-19 emergency safety regulations in many companies with on-site workers.

Focus on activities and results

Smart working requires a change of method and tools. It is increasingly important for companies to analyse how staff spend their time in order to optimise internal processes and calculate the profitability of orders. Fluida's Activity Reporting is a tool for entering information about activities carried out and time spent on different customers and projects. Each activity can be documented by attaching notes, documents, photographs and, if necessary, also positions.

Send documents to staff, in the app.

No more printing stacks of documents. With Fluida, you can send documents in digital format: payslips, employment contracts, safety course certificates, etc. Staff receive them directly on their smartphones, and everything is stored in an archive that is always accessible to both the manager and the employee.

This is even more useful today when many people work remotely.

Geolocation that respects privacy

Your privacy is safe! With SMART Clocking in and out, the position and geographical coordinates of the worker are never saved. Verification takes place on the worker's device at the moment the button for clocking in or out is pressed. The data is never sent to the server.

Simply useful.

Streamline staff management. Start today.