Keep your attendance calendar under control

No more searching through messages and emails! Everything can now be found in a single calendar: updated in real time, accessible by administrators, and ready to be sent to your payroll specialist to process the payslips.


Push or email. The choice is yours.

Each user can decide how to receive important information, such as when an employee submits a request: get a notification sent straight to your smartphone to stay right up to date, or opt for the classic email.

Track overtime

Automatically or with approval required.

Keep track of your employees' overtime. If you use the timesheet feature, you can calculate overtime automatically – all you need to do is approve it.

Smart working

Who's in the office? Who's working remotely?

Plan out remote working days on the calendar, allowing everyone in the company to keep track of who is working at all times. In addition, with the smart clock-in/out feature, off-site clock-in/out entries will be accepted on the scheduled days.

Request holidays with a simple tap

As simple as it is useful.

Directly from the app or your computer, it only takes a few seconds to add a request or send a report to the relevant manager, notifying your colleagues at the same time.

Sick leave reporting

Fluida also handles sick leave management, asking employees to enter the reference number and their expected return date.

Approval and notification flows

Each employee can specify the manager responsible for approving their supporting documentation. When submitting a request, you can also notify other people in the company for streamlined internal organisation.

Automatic reports and counters

Employees can immediately see how many holiday days and leave days they have already used for the year to date, while management gets a full overview of all staff.


Create your Employee Experience.

In large companies, Fluida operates as an interface for managing interactions between employees and company information systems.

Simply useful.

Streamline staff management. Start today.