About us

We're always looking forward. But we have a story behind us.

Our story

A fast-growing startup.

Fluida was founded in March 2018, based on the idea that relationships between employees and companies are still too complex or – in many even more critical cases – completely unstructured.

Digitising interaction simplifies employees' daily lives and makes companies more productive. 

Mar 2018 – Fluida is founded
Jun 2018 – Pre-seed round of €400k
Oct 2018 – First beta version released
Mar 2019 – 4-tech smart clock-in/out released
Jul 2019 – Acquired by Zucchetti

The team

A blend of experience and passion.

Fluida is led by a team of digital entrepreneurs, all with 20 years of experience in the digital sector. The team previously founded 2 other digital companies, both of which were acquired by major players. They are joined by highly experienced managers from top Italian companies with a multinational presence.

Our experience is the result of our boundless passion for the user experience, cloud computing and technological innovation.

Zucchetti Group

Italy's leading software company.

With 40 years of experience, the Zucchetti Group is the number one software company in Europe in terms of product range, able to satisfy the most varied IT needs of any customer.

  • €850 million in turnover (2019 figure)
  • Over 6,000 employees
  • Over 1,500 R&D personnel
  • Over 600,000 customers
  • Over 1,650 partners throughout Italy
  • Over 350 partners in over 50 countries

The Group has been the leading Italian company in terms of software turnover since 2006 (source: IDC).
The Group is recognised by Gartner as one of the main HR solution vendors.

Simply useful.

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