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Becoming a Fluida reseller couldn't be easier: no large initial investment is required to purchase utilities. By acquiring the Fluida Reseller Card you can join the program and take advantage of the welcome kit which includes your first utilities that are ready to be sold.In no time at all you'll be ready to get started and focus on sales!

Get ready, get set, get Fluida!

Fluida is the ideal tool you can pitch to new customers in order to acquire them, or to existing customers to retain them. When it comes to the digitization of HR processes, there is still much to be done. That's why becoming a Fluida reseller is such a great opportunity. On average, resellers are up and running 10 days after signing the resale contract, after their sales personnel receives adequate training.

You only pay for what you need

The Fluida HR Suite price list for resellers is based on cost per user. There are no other system costs or new client company costs.

It is also possible to purchase value-added services, such as Guided Configuration and Dedicated Consultant, on behalf of the client and at special discounts.

Fluida stamping devices are available on the website and on Amazon. Reseller partners can choose whether to buy and resell these devices or have their customer purchase them using the above mentioned channels.

Reseller training and support

The training is delivered online: simply select your preferred time from the calendar to book the two separate sessions during which all topics are addressed and any doubts can be resolved. If you ever need help, you can contact Fluida via chat or find the answers to any doubts you may have by accessing the help center. Here you will find articles and tutorials made specifically for resellers.

Training and assisting the client company: you decide

All resellers can decide whether to provide support to their customers directly or delegate this activity to Fluida. In the second case, Fluida offers a premium support service. In fact, with the Dedicated Consultant service, client companies can obtain a private number through which they can access phone support and talk to experienced staff that will assist them with all aspects of the platform.

Integrating with other platforms

Fluida was born to integrate with the outside world. All features and data managed by Fluida are accessible for reading and writing via API

Blast bureaucracy!

Imagine if you could take timesheets, badges, expense reports – corporate bureaucracy in general – and do away with it all.