Fluida Beacon

Small, affordable and innovative.

The time and attendance system with Bluetooth technology that allows you to clock in and out without a badge, in complete simplicity, thanks to the smartphone sensors. A smart and ready-to-use solution.

Discover SMART clocking in and out in 1 minute

Fluida Beacon or Station? On-site or remotely? Watch the video and find out how versatile it is.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 15 mm
  • Battery: expected life 18 months, replaceable (type CR2477)
  • Durability: install indoors (IP40 protection)
  • Bluetooth technology for clocking in and out via smartphone

For companies that want to clock in and out via smartphones

If everyone in the company is able to use a smartphone, there is no need to use a badge, and the Fluida Station can be dispensed with: the signal generated by the Fluida Beacon via Bluetooth protocol will be sufficient.

Simply useful.

Streamline staff management. Start today.