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Frequently asked question

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Can Fluida be used from mobile only?

No, Fluida can be used from any device through the Smartphone and Tablet application or directly from its website. You can login at any given moment, Fluida is always ready to be used anywhere and without any limitation.

Does it integrate with payroll systems?

Yes, with Fluida you can integrate directly with payroll systems to process pay-stubs and you can send your employee monthly attendance records to your accountant with just a click.

Puoi inoltre richiedere un preventivo ai nostri partner di gestione paghe per valutarne il risparmio.

How can I add a new employee? Or a new freelance? How can I remove him, instead?

With Fluida you can add and remove an employee or a freelance at anytime, with a simple click. Therefore you can manage your workforce in an easy and intuitive way, expanding it in times of need and then readapting it in times of tranquility

Is it possible to track attendances outside of the office as well?

Yes, with Fluida you can detect presence from everywhere, whether you’re working inside the office or remotely. Therefore, employees that work on the move have a tool at their disposal that allows them to provide their presence in any moment, so you can save time and avoid making mistakes in your monthly sheet report.

I'd like to keep a track system based on physical badges, is an integration with Fluida still possible?

Yes, Fluida is natively integrated with the main tracking presence hardwares on the market. Contact us to learn if your device is compatible with our solution or to evaluate one of our partners‘ detection systems with a physical badge.